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How We Started

From 1970 to 2020, technology as measured by computing power has increased about 100 quadrillion times while costs have declined 25,000%. This allowed even highly regulated businesses like finance to increase productivity around 500% according to the World Bank. Coal plants have increased about 30% in productivity over that same time period according to the US Department of Energy. We strive to close the massive technology, financial, and policy gaps to improve productivity. If there is one goal worth striving for, it's taking the technology of renewables having zero fuel costs and a steeply declining cost structure to ensure a low-cost, low-emission, electricity industry.

Board of Advisors:

In a dynamic market, the insights and experiences of many perspectives help focus our efforts and provide opportunities to apply our financial expertise in a manner far more effective than we could ever achieve alone. Our Advisors are individuals who have contributed significantly in their areas of expertise and are now able to apply their skills and wisdom to advance a clean energy future.



When prudent, we closely align with other entities with a shared common goal. These partners add resources and capabilities that can amplify our efforts.

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